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Keep your Curly Hair under control while you sleep.

The LOHY Sleep Cozy Comes in three vibrant colour variations, all created in collaboration with locally renowned artist @lorenlillylonnie_artLaurenlillylonnie

  • The Daisy Cozy with its stunning floral arrangement
  • The Non-Floral Cozy made from Loren's artwork "Never stop dreaming."
  • The Banksia Cozy


It’s a lightweight, stretchy tube, like a hair wrap, a hair scarf, a hair turban or a hair buff.


Shielding your curls against the continuous rubbing on your pillow while you sleep.


Suggested Uses: Wear it on movie marathons on the lounge to maintain that curly hair crown or even down to the café if desired. No judging here.


The LOHY Curly Hair Sleep Cozy is a show-stopper and a must-have in its stunning new looks. 

This is a Curly Girl Method must-have accessory, making your mornings an actual Curl delight. 


Size: 25cm X 50cm

Polyester / Microfibre


How to Use:

1. Scrunch the cozy together and slide it over your head until it sits around your neck like a scarf. 2. Tip your head and your curls upside down. 3. Now, Slide one end of the cozy over your face and capture your hanging curls (like you were pulling a sock over your head, stopping once the last part of the cozy is on your forehead. 4. If your hair is longer than the cozy, you can tuck it in to protect the ends of your hair.



To wake up to amazing curls:

1. Find the end of the cozy, and slide the cozy off your head. 2. Tip your head and your curls upside down. 3. Using your hands like wide tooth combs, put your fingertips into your hanging curls and shake out your roots using small zig-zag motions with your fingertips. 4. You can scrunch the ends of your curls with damp hands to re-activate your product if desired.

Why choose us?

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