Welcome to What a Curl Wants!

So glad you decided to shop with us!

We are a Geelong, Victoria based business specialising in ONLY curly hair products. You can feel rest assured that nearly everything we stock on What a Curl Wants is totally safe and curly girl approved (CG) Of course will always list all the ingredients of our products for your peace of mind. 

If there is any products that aren't 100% Curly Girl approved it will clearly state that on the product description. At present we carry a small range of mens products that contain beeswax in their stylers. 

We have hand picked brands that have aligned with our views of (mostly) vegan, always cruelty free, sustainable and as natural as possible. No chemicals or nasties here.

We are seriously passionate about the planet and always ask our suppliers/manufacturers to not use any plastic waste materials when they ship items to us. When we ship items to you we will then re-use their paper/recyclable packaging materials and we hope you then re-use them or recycle! We all have to do our bit!

So why only curly hair products?

I'm a hairdresser with 18 years experience and I have a keen interest in learning new things, when a client introduced me to the curly girl method 6 years ago I was keen to know more. After readings loads of books and information I finally did my curly hair training in 2019 and since then have had a huge following. I have always had a passion for hair products. So once I started buying too many I thought I really need to sell these! and so What A Curl Wants was born.

Enough about me, check out our stuff!