It all started with a bad hair year! In desperation, Aki took a piece of beautiful fabric, stitched in a durable wire and created the first do rag prototype. Turns out she wasn't suffering alone, and then everybody wanted one... or two... or a collection. AntiCraft grew from this, and the name is a bit of a dig at an assumption we just do some craft in our spare time. We don't do craft, we're a front for the great hair revolution!

Aki is the designer, and principal maker of every single do rag that passes through our Sunshine Coast hinterland workshop. Since bad hair days don’t discriminate, and the demand is strong, she is assisted by a small handful of talented sewers to keep up. As well as running the business, she’s still at the sewing machine most days, creating ‘do rags with the same quality and attention to detail as the first ones she ever made for herself.

Her favourite times of the year are the summer and winter market season, when she packs up the travelling show and heads to select markets like Finders Keepers and Handmade Canberra. This is where the inspiration happens - meeting new customers, hearing their needs, launching new designs and helping do rag devotees to add to their collections.


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