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Gina says 
First of all - I love the name! I came up with it. Bub-ans (get it? Bubs and turbans!) 
The latest offering from the Damn G squad - these bubans are turbans but for the baby divas.
You see, bubs with fine hair and bubs with curls, when they play together or when they toss and turn in their sleep - end up with knots so knotty and matte-y, the bub mums (AKA you) have to be ready with a box of bribe snacks, a big brush for loads of screaming, tears and hair breakage! 
Bubans were created to help mums spend less time doing their kids hair and more time playing with them. Silk turbans help in minimising breakage due to knots. 
Comes in two sizes 
Size 2- 38 cm - 42 cms. Fits 6 months old to 2-year-olds
Size 1- 45 cms - 49 cms. Fits 3 years old to 8 years old. 

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We love to support other women in business, and aim to be inclusive in the way we do business and providing products to our customers. We love the environment too much to destroy it. All our packaging is re-usable and biodegradable.